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May 31, 2018 / Kiki Gusman

What’s not to love about weddings and fur babies?

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How can you not look at these cute, furry faces and not fall absolutely in love? Most couple’s who have pets consider them their fur babies. They’re apart of the family, so of course they’re going to want them there to share their wedding day. There are definitely right and wrong ways of going about involving your pet in your wedding. A few key factors being: venue, special handling, temperament, etc.

  • First and foremost, make sure your venue is pet-friendly. You can come up with all these plans and details for your dog to be apart of your special day just to be turned down by rules and regulations. Find out what’s allowed on property and how to plan accordingly.
  • Is your dog’s temperament fit for the occasion? Can they be calm and well-behaved? If yes, then no problem! If you know your child can get a little out of control then it might be best to leave him or her at home.
  • Always keep in mind that your dog should be a cute addition without being too much of a distraction. It’s still all about you two.
  • Outdoor ceremonies and receptions are more likely to be the best opportunities if your heart is set on having your dog be a ring bearer or flower girl. (Who doesn’t love a dog all dressed up for the occasion?)
  • It’s perfectly fine to leave your pet out and just enjoy a day stress free from all responsibilities. Don’t feel bad if they can’t be there. They won’t even know the difference! You can relax and enjoy the day without a worry in the world.

After taking all this into consideration, The Terrace Club is more than thrilled to have you and your pet be apart of your special day. Pets are allowed on site and can be involved in your actual ceremony! Our team absolutely loves having them here so don’t be hesitant to bring your cuties with you!

Here’s a few weddings from our venue that have the cutest little puppers:

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Matt Montalvo Photography - VU - 10-27-17-73 copy

Matt Montalvo Photography - VU - 10-27-17-94 copy

Jenn Hopkins Photography (51 of 121)

Jenn Hopkins Photography (52 of 121)

Kirsten and Jacob Wedding Pictures Completed-51 copy

Kirsten and Jacob Wedding Pictures Completed-163 copy

Kirsten and Jacob Wedding Pictures Completed-178 copy





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