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November 16, 2018 / Kristen Lloyd

10 Tips for Wedding Venue Tours

Congratulations! You’re starting to plan one of the biggest days in your life. But as you look at all the things that you’re going to need: dress, photographer, DJ, wedding venue, you begin to realize something…”What do I even look for in a wedding venue?”

Here are the top 10 tips of things to think about before, during and after your wedding venue tours.

Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue


1. Make a List of What You’ve Always Wanted in Your Dream Wedding!Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue

Do you ever daydream about your future wedding? Of course you do! It’s going to be an amazing day and it’s fun to think about. So why not put those fun ideas in writing? That way, when you start looking at venues you’ll know what you want and what the venue should have. Plus, knowing what you want and don’t want makes it easier to cross a venue off your list when it doesn’t quite fit.

2. Is There Enough Parking?Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue

This is important to think about. Does the venue have enough space for all the guests you’re inviting? Is there a drop-off area for guests in heels or do they have to walk far? Is it just grass or is it paved so people can comfortably walk on it? 

3. Is Coordination Included?

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be worried about the little details.  Are your vendors are going to show up and bring everything they were supposed to?  Will the guests know where to go when they arrive?  Will there be someone on-site who will help with things like bustling your dress or making sure your veil is in correctly?  Who will tell you when it’s time for you and your dad to go down the aisle?  These, and so many more, are all things that an experienced coordinator will help you with.  

Although you can hire one on your own, it’s even better when your venue includes on in the cost.  Just make sure to ask the person leading your wedding venue tour the scope of what is included with their on-site coordinator so you know exactly what you are getting, and what you are not!

Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue4. Restrooms

When you’re touring potential wedding venues, be sure to check out the bathrooms. Not just how they look, but how clean they are.  And don’t hesitate to ask the person giving your tour how the restrooms are maintained during the wedding.  You don’t want a situation where a wedding guest is getting ready to use the restroom only to find out it’s out of necessary items. You also want to make sure guests have easy access to them and that they have plenty of stalls. Another important thing to ask is if the wedding venue has changing tables, especially if you are planning to invite parents with small children. 

5. Are There Changing Suites for You and Your Partner?Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue

This should be in the top three most important things your wedding venue has.  You don’t want to have to come to the venue already in your dress, so you should check to see if it’s permitted to get dressed at the venue.  Also ask if you can store your wedding day outfit in the suite prior to your arrival so you don’t have to lug everything in on the big day.  All you have to do is get up and head over to the wedding venue when you’re ready. Everything you’ll need will already be there.

You also don’t want your wedding party to have to worry about where they are going to keep their personal belongings during the reception. And after the ceremony, you’re going to need a little time to freshen up before your big entrance. The best place to do all of this is in your own private changing suite.  

Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue

Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue6. Ceremony Aisle

This is probably one of the most important things to check out on your wedding venue tour. If you’re wedding is going to be outside, be sure the aisle is not just grass. Grass might look great in pictures, but heels can easily sink in the ground. So make sure the aisle is paved or made of a harder surface for your big day.

Even if your wedding is inside, it’s still a good idea to check the indoor option out so you can visualize what you’ll be walking on.

Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue7. Do You Love Their Plan B?

While you’re checking out the indoor aisle, if they have one, make sure to consider what the entire indoor Plan B option looks like.  Remember that it’s not guaranteed that you will be able to have your ceremony outside in Texas, so you have to like the backup option that your wedding venue has, just in case.  

And make sure that the Plan B option doesn’t require a tent or for your guests to have to carry their own chairs from the ceremony to the reception.  Tents can costs thousands of dollars that you didn’t originally have in your budget, and do you really want your guests to have to transport furniture in their nice clothes?!?

Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue8. Electricity

Be sure to check out where all of the outlets are located. This may sound like a minute detail, but it makes a difference for some of your vendors.  If your DJ and lighting crew have worked at the venue before, great. But if not, check out the outlets. The DJ and other crews might need to bring extra extension cords or power strips, so it will be good to know beforehand if they need to. That way, they can plan out where everything can go without being in the way.

Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue9. Sunsets

Have you always wanted an amazing sunset as the backdrop for your wedding? If so, be sure to ask the person giving your wedding venue tour where the sun sets and what time it will be the time of year you are considering.  You can also do this yourself to ensure you’re scheduling everything at the right time by checking out the sunset calculator from All you have to do is put in where and when you’re getting married and it’ll tell when the sun is projected to set on that date. 

10. PeacefulnessDripping Springs wedding, wedding venue

This might seem like a silly thing to check out, but you’ll want to. Take a quick moment and stand where your wedding and reception will be. Are you hearing any strange noises? Is there a road nearby? Most important, does it make you feel peaceful? When you look at your ceremony space do you feel at ease? Can you imagine the wedding happening with you walking down the aisle? Or does the venue need to change something?

It’s better to figure all this out now than to arrive on the day and find out your venue is not as peaceful as you’d like it to be. 

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Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue

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