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August 17, 2016 / Kristen Lloyd

Spreading the Love: 2nd Generation Films

We love our vendors here at The Terrace Club. It is very important to us coordinators that we recommend and work with the best vendors in the business, because we want our couples to be completely taken care of in every aspect of wedding planning, from the music to the flowers. That being said, we work with some pretty incredible vendors ad we want to show them just how much we love them by showcasing them on our blog! 

Let’s start off with 2nd Generation Films.

2nd Generation Films was built from the ground up by Penney and Jerry Malcolm and their two daughters. They launched back in 2002 and have been staying busy since then!  Penney and Jerry are a husband and wife team (let’s be honest, that’s awesome). The way they work is fun to watch because they match and fit each other perfectly. Jerry has a great technical and design mind. He can visualize the perfect angle and figure out exactly how acheive it. Penney brings in the motherly love. She makes sure that the couples feel at ease with being in front of the camera on their big day. Having both of those qualities together makes the perfect team, and that’s why Penney and Jerry are so successful. Their films are beautiful, classic and timeless. 

The Malcolms are practically family to us. Fun little tid bit actually! Both Malcolm daughters have been (or are about to be) married at The Terrace Club!

When we suggest vendors to couples we want them to be treated with the same tender, love and care that we do! Whenever we recommend 2nd Generation Films, we know, without a doubt, that each couple is going to be handled with the utmost TLC. 

Get to know Penney and Jerry a little bit better!

How did your company get started?

We actually backed into this business! Jerry was a software design engineer at IBM, and I was a substitute teacher. We taught an engaged couples’ class at our church, and began filming weddings for the couples in our class, and that’s how it all began.

Why do you like videography? Why weddings specifically?

Capturing the beauty, emotion, and unique sights and sounds of such a special event and being able to present that in an artistic way for our client to remember forever is very gratifying. We are people of faith, and we love to honor families and these kinds of loving commitments. Weddings contain so many tender and beautiful elements that are memorable, and we are so glad to help our couples preserve these memories. Plus, we get paid to go to parties!

What makes your company different from other videography companies?

While most of us in town are all friends, and refer each other, we think that 2nd Generation Films brings some unique features: we have a good bit of technical expertise with Jerry’s background in Electrical Engineering and Software Design. We bring a young, female eye to our editing process because our 28 year old daughter is our Lead Creative Editor. We bring the stability of a married couple who have worked as a team for our 36 years of marriage. Plus, we offer online gift registry and delayed delicery payment plans! Not to mention, we LOVE what we do. 

If you could give a bride and groom advice about planning a wedding and picking a videographer, what would you say? 

I would say the number one thing to consider is what you will have when this wonderful wedding day is over. If you do not get someone to capture it on film, you may well regret it-and there are no do overs! Also, be sure you get someone you can trust. Experience does matter. 

What is the best memory you have with your company? 

This is a really tough question because we get to do the most fun, joyful, challengies, surprising, interesting job in town and we get to do it with our family. I always LOVE it when we get that call from a bride/groom, or one of their mothers, and they are on the phone crying and telling us their video is their most prized possession and how much they appreciate our work on their behalf. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

Check out their video of Natasha and Will’s February wedding!

If you are interested in working with Penney and Jerry give them a call or shoot them an email and say hi!

P: 512.589.7008