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October 15, 2018 / Kristen Lloyd

5 Tips to Make Your Hill Country Wedding Memorable

5 Tips for an Unforgettable Hill Country Wedding

Your wedding should be as special as the bond you share with your partner, wether you have it in the gorgeous Hill Country or in a high-rise hotel.  It’s is a day you’ll never forget, and along with your guest book, cake and photographer, there are a ton of other ways to make sure it’s as memorable as possible.

Read on below for our top 5 tips that will make your Hill Country wedding even more memorable and magical!

Hill Country wedding, The Terrace Club

Hill Country wedding

5) Splurge on a New Perfume

Don’t wear the same perfume you wear every day. Instead, treat yourself. It’s your wedding day, after all! And don’t hesitate to splurge a little more than you may usually.

Pick out a new scent you’ve been eyeing for awhile and spritz it on before your wedding. Every time you smell it afterwards, you’ll remember your special day.

4) Create Your Own Hashtag

If you use Twitter or Instagram – or even Facebook – this tip will make it easy to share and find your Hill Country wedding day memories.

Simply create a post with an image, video, or text, and add a hashtag that’s specific to your wedding!  It could be your last names together, something more straightforward like #BrianJenWedding2018, or even something fun and punny that uses your names together in an unconventional way like #HappiLaiEverAfter with the groom’s last name Lai included. 

We definitely recommend placing a sign with instructions somewhere your guests will see it before the ceremony so your guests will know what to do when they begin posting their pictures and videos. All you will have to do to see all of the amazing footage your family and friends shot is look up your hashtag and voila: all your guests’ memories are in one place.

Hill Country Wedding

3) Make It Interactive

Instead of just having a guestbook, add a small area where guests can share some of their own wisdom/stores.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Favorite memories of/or with the couple.
  • Best date night ideas.
  • Best marriage advice.

Simply provide some paper, pens and a jar or box to put them in and let the guest’s creative juices flow. Guests can write down their favorite memories, suggest fun date night ideas for you to read later, or share wise marriage advice for you to use later on.

It’ll give your guests a way to reminisce, and give you and your partner something fun and heartfelt to go through after the wedding.

2) Keep Your Guests Comfortable

Especially if you’ve chosen to host an outdoor ceremony or reception, it’s important to keep yourself, and your guests, comfortable throughout the event. Check out these great ideas for the wedding party and guests below:

1) Get Creative

Your Hill Country wedding doesn’t have to be entirely traditional. Mix it up with some fun, fresh ideas, like an innovative honeymoon fund:

Hill Country wedding

Or set up your table seating in a unique way:

Hill Country wedding

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It’s your wedding, and you deserve the best. Contact us today at 512-894-4009 and schedule a tour of The Terrace Club for your Hill Country wedding. We’d love to help make your special day amazing and memorable. Call us or click the button below to schedule a tour today!

Hill Country Wedding

5 Tips to Make Your Hill Country Wedding Memorable | The Terrace Club – Dripping Springs, TX