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December 20, 2018 / Kristen Lloyd

8 Great Winter Wedding Theme Ideas

Cold weather weddings give couples many choices in wintry themes. Allow the childhood joys of the season’s first-snowfall or an adult’s love of wintertime pursuits guide you on your new-love-journey. Here are 8 winter wedding theme ideas that will be sure to give you the warm and fuzzies.winter wedding, cold weather weddings

8 Great Winter Wedding Theme Ideas

winter wedding, cold weather weddings1. Winter Wonderland

Brides that want a dramatic backdrop for their wedding can opt for statement dresses with intricate detailing, lots of fabric and beautiful trains.

Consider lovely white floral arrangements, either mostly alone or contrasted with your favorite winter-worthy hue. Try elegant black, deep-red or rich-purple bridesmaid gowns amidst creamy petals and tasteful crystal accents.

2. Timeless Vintage

Many brides fall deeply in love with vintage gowns and all-the-trappings that go with the theme. Pick any era from the 1960s and back.  

Brides can wear slim-skirted gowns with lace, roses and other feminine details including traditional headband pieces, long pearls and silver/diamond brooches fashioned into a bouquet.

winter wedding, cold weather weddings

3. Travel Themed Wintery Destinations

Couples that love new horizons can do a travel theme. Use wooden signs depicting snowy locales like Denmark or Germany.

You don’t actually have to travel to get the feel of a destination wedding.

Incorporate those country’s wedding dress and cultural traditions. Paint mailboxes, hang travel posters, show a travel slideshow and dream big.

winter wedding, cold weather weddings

4. Ice Princess with Ice Skating

Have a winter wedding fit for an ice princess. Include ice-skating decor or have a live ice rink setup. Warm up guests with a hot-chocolate bar and fancy coffees.

Dangle icicle fairy light strands and gorgeous ice-blue shades with subtle sparkly, silver accents and braided, loosely-woven or twisted hair updos with tiaras. Include long silken-gloves.

winter wedding, cold weather weddings

5. Romantic Movie-Style Classics

Go for a classic, romantic theme with movie-star glamour and passionate color palettes. Steal wedding dress styles from your favorite old-time movie. Add a rich fur-wrap, hand-muff and delicate gloves and hats.

If planning for February nuptials, consider layering sweet-to-somewhat-sexy pink floral shades intertwined in a pretty bouquet used against white and gray tones. Keep bridesmaids toasty with light-brown sable furs/stoles. Movie star setting and celebrity bridal makeup completes the magic.

winter wedding, cold weather weddings

6. Celestial Stars in Wintertime Night Skies

For otherworldly cold weather weddings, celebrate the beautiful wintertime night skies complete with twinkling constellations and stark tree-branches peeking silvery moonlight against a beautiful lavender, midnight velvet or other complementary hue.

winter wedding, cold weather weddings

7. Enchanted Winter Woodland Forest

Drape groupings of barren silvery trees with swooping cascades of icy-frost-like silver/white against muted teal, lilac and/or grey swirly skies. Utilize up-lighting to get a right effect. Use willow-like-branches to get the mystical feel of an enchanted-midnight-forest setting. Add a frozen waterfall display, use natural woodland elements like dark-green moss, cuts of authentic logs/stumps and lots of glowing candles inside glass/lanterns. Include loose-hair, sensual materials and wispy details.

8. Holiday Glam

Ideal for News Year’s Eve, use luxurious metallic fabrics and lots of sparkles. Have a countdown, hang various clocks and have a personalized ball-drop. Use vintage wine bottles encrusted with silver/gold sparkles and gold tipped branches. Christmas decor, candles, pine-cones and snowy scenery makes for beautiful holiday weddings.

Don’t forget the sleigh or horse-drawn carriage ride with jingle bells and birdseed.

cold weather weddings, winter wedding

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winter wedding, cold weather weddings

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