The Terrace club


August 17, 2016 / Kristen Lloyd

And the drumroll please…

Please help us welcome the newest addition to The Terrace Club cast – Mrs. Taylor Bell. 

It is no secret that we have been open-casting for another coordinator for some time, and have been looking for just the right person to fill that role as we continue to grow.  With Dripping Springs being named

the “Wedding Capital of Texas”, we are getting more and more business, and drawing in more brides looking for the perfect backdrop to their big day!  But, with more brides comes more weddings, and it has just become too much for the three of us to handle by ourselves!


Enter stage left: Taylor!  As an experienced coordinator, Taylor brings a fresh eye and new perspective to our tight-knit wedding family.  

But she didn’t always know she wanted to be a wedding planner.  Taylor knew from a young age that God had big plans for her.  She knew those plans would lead her to a life of acting, singing and modeling.  Little did she know that His plans also included a life behind the scenes, helping to put on the production rather than starring in it!

As a little girl, growing up in Dallas, Taylor began wowing audiences with her talents.  She caught the acting “bug” early and was always pursuing her dreams and following her heart to what made her happy.  


As she grew older she realized that part of that happiness meant molding her craft and pursuing an education in acting, so she moved to San Marcos to attend Texas State University.  What she didn’t know was that her passion for acting would also lead her to the man she would marry.  Enter stage right: Logan!

Since meeting Logan, who is also finishing his business degree at Texas State, the two have been following their dreams and passions together.  Logan has a knack for business, and together they have started a business specializing in special event bartending.


Since graduating, Taylor’s passions have shifted some.  Realizing that her love for acting continues to be as strong as ever, she has also realized her passions have grown to include a life behind the scenes.  This newfound passion has lead her into the event planning industry, and straight to our stage!

We are really looking forward to getting to know her more and know you all will enjoy her passion and natural charisma as much we have so far.  Make sure to say hi next time you are in the office or walking the grounds!

And to you Ms. Taylor, welcome to The Terrace Club, and…break a leg!