The Terrace club


July 17, 2016 / Kristen Lloyd

Angie & Evan

The terrace club

After finding one another online, Angie and Evan quickly fell head over heels in love. After a year of dating, Evan decided it was time to ask her the big question, and, of course, he did it in the most romantic way possible: on a gondola in Venice. *sigh*

After these two headed home from the most beautiful place on Earth, it was time to start planning the big day. And they chose The Terrace Club to host them! The design process started, and we had a blast. Angie and Evan wanted to focus on the light spring neutrals, so we went with a light gray linen. The linens perfectly framed the bright fuchsia peonies that lined the tables, and dark navy accents were hinted throughout the ballroom. It was the perfect wedding for a warm May day!

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