August 26, 2016 / Taylor Bell

Britni & Chris

Britni and Chris are the cutest. And that very well may be the biggest understatement ever said.  Everything about the two of them is picture perfect, and you will see what I mean when you take a peek at their wedding photos. Chris is enthralled with Britni, and Britni is completely at home in Chris’ arms. The two are made for one another.

After months of planning with Britni and Chris, their day finally came. I remember Britni stepping into her wedding dress and she squealed with excitement! Her eyes were full of joy and it was contagious! Britni was calm, but ready to meet her groom. I don’t think I’ve seen a bride as serene as her. Every aspect of her day was planned and perfect and set, and she was ready to become a wife. 

Take a look at Chris and Britni’s beautiful November day!









Photography: Margot Landen Weddings

Venue: The Terrace Club