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December 20, 2018 / Kristen Lloyd

Guide to a Successful Winter Wedding

A winter wedding is the perfect time to let your imagination shine through. In Dripping Springs, the wedding capital of Texas, you can create a beautiful and spectacular wedding during winter months – especially because you won’t have to worry about too much snow to hinder your plans.

However, you can design a magical winter wonderland themed wedding, if you like, which will captivate your guests and present you with delightful memories of your special day.

cold weather weddings, winter wedding

Choose Indoors or Outdoors

Either one will usually work just fine in this climate, but a chance of winter rain and cooler temperatures mean you should also have a backup plan. Some couples have their ceremony take place outside, but then move indoors for cocktail hour and the reception. This plan means everyone can be comfortable outdoors for a short time, and then move indoors to warm up. Since the reception décor and accessories are usually more involved, it would be easier to put a backup plan into motion where you only need to change the ceremony setting.

When cold weather weddings take place outdoors, there are many ways to keep everyone cozy. Outdoor heaters and firepits are a few ideas to consider. You can also offer warm drinks prior to the ceremony, such as spiced hot apple ciders or maybe Kahlua coffees. Another idea is to scatter soft and pretty throws about the ceremony chairs that complement your color scheme. A chilly guest can quickly wrap one around themselves to stay warm. No matter what options you go for, just make sure you let your guests know the plan so they can dress appropriately by noting on the invitation that the ceremony and/or part of the festivities will be held outside. 

cold weather weddings, winter weddingChoose Your Décor

Search for pictures of winter wedding decorating schemes on sites like Pinterest for a wealth of ideas. If you go with a snowy white base color, you can add subtle touches of the main color you choose for your bridesmaids’ dresses and flowers.  Or you can choose to go super dramatic with dark colors and rich hues to give your wedding that ultimate winter feel.

For your wintertime wedding, you might also consider using sparkling fabrics for dresses, accent pieces and tablecloths. You may want to use ice sculptures, frosted Christmas trees with or without ornaments, wreaths, lots of twinkle lights, stark tree branches painted white, projected winter trees, and maybe ice blue up-lighting to softly accentuate your décor. The possibilities really are endless, so be sure to explore various resources.

Choose a Winter Menu

Your wedding reception menu should fit the time of year. You will want to serve warm comfort foods rather than cold deli-type fare.

Think about incorporating several winter flavors like pumpkin, cranberry, mint, and cocoa. Soup and baked potato bars are well received in the wintertime, and comfort food type appetizers, such as mini quiches, fried ravioli, and macaroni and cheese bites are a few ideas.

Caterers usually offer menu ideas that are classics for cold weather weddings. A few different warm drink options are another nice feature to offer your guests, but sparkling drinks or pretty punches work well, too.

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cold weather weddings, winter wedding

Guide to a Successful Winter Wedding | The Terrace Club – Dripping Springs, TX