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April 9, 2018 / Kiki Gusman

Kimmie & Matt

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Sometimes some of the best things in life come out of the worst situations. Kimmie and Matt were put to the test at the very beginning of their relationship. The couple met out one night in Dallas and the sparks started to fly immediately. They had their very first date at a local Starbucks, where Kimmie actually got lost before hand. They were able to laugh about this later and spent hours talking and laughing together. It went so well that the pair decided to meet up again during the week for an actual lunch date.

The day came and both of these lovebirds were excited and nervous at the same time. About two minutes away from the restaurant, Kimmie ended up getting into a car accident and totaled her car. Talk about the worst luck! As she calls to tell Matt that she’s not going to make it, his first thought that comes to mind is that Kimmie is just trying to get out of seeing him again. After some convincing, he realizes that she’s not lying and he comes to her rescue. Her very own “knight in shining armor” as she so well put it. Swoon! He sat with her at the wreck, made sure everything was taken care of with her car and then took her to lunch. He was the true definition of a gentleman. Kimmie caught herself a good one and the love only grew stronger.

Kimmie and Matt dated for two years and got engaged the day before Kimmie’s birthday. Matt made his proposal a day to remember and Kimmie was just so excited she blurted out, “I love you!” Realizing later she never fully answered him, of course she responded with a yes! From that day forward, they started the rest of their lives together.

When people are truly happy and in love, you can definitely see it in their faces and how they treat one another. I envy the love and compassion that these two amazing people have for one another. These sweethearts are happily married, living in their first home together in McKinney, TX. We wish the Cafrelli’s nothing but years and years of happiness!

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Venue: The Terrace Club

Caterer: Gourmet Gals Catering

Baker: Best Little Cake Shop in Texas

Florist: Jordan Flowers and Events

Dj/Band: Johnny’s DJ Service

Photographer: Lori Blythe Photography

Transportation: Big as Texas Limousine Service

Cigar Roller: Bobalu Cigar Co.