The Terrace club


August 26, 2016 / Kristen Lloyd

Monique & Derek

The terrace club

Monique and Derek met in the crazy, little town of Vegas. She was on a girls trip and he was having fun with his guys when they randomly met and caught each other’s eye. It’s crazy how in the busy town of Vegas, Monique and Derek could meet and fall in love. 

Flashforward, and here they are tying the knot! 

(But first you should go look at their pug-loving proposal story here!)

Working with Monique and Derek was a dream! Monique knew exactly what her style was and how she wanted her day to look. And Derek made sure that it was just perfect. Every time they came in to meet with us we could tell just how enthralled Derek was with Monique. There was no doubt in our minds that these two were just meant to be!! 

Take a look below at their beautiful day! 

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Venue: The Terrace Club  
Photography: Mustard Seed Photography
Catering: Gourmet Gals 
Florals: Wild Bunches
Transportation: Antique Limos of Austin 
Hair/Makeup: Lola Beauty 
Rentals: PPC, Cort Furniture Rentals, La Tavola