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August 26, 2016 / Kristen Lloyd

Preferred Vendors…Why Are They Important?

The terrace club

Getting all your vendors in line can be tough. I know. It’s stressful putting together a big party and making sure it looks great! But once you get the venue checked off your list, it gets easier. I promise!

Most venues have this wonderful thing called a “Preferred Vendor List” (AKA the bride’s best friend…besides her MOH, of course). A lot of brides don’t understand, or don’t take advantage, of this wonderful, glorious list. So I am here today to explain why you should at least take a good, hard, long look at your venue’s preferred vendor list! 

Here’s the thing about Preferred Vendor lists:

1. Venues are to be trusted. As venue managers, we see weddings come and go every weekend. We see exactly what is and isn’t successful, and we looove it when weddings are successful! We want to help you make yours just as great! 

2. Venue managers work with a lot of different vendors. We work with florists, DJs, photographers, videographers, officiants, and bakers every single weekend, so we know who is amazing! When we put together a list of vendors, these are the people we know, trust, and love their work. 

3. The vendors on this list know the venue. If a vendor is on the list, that means that they are out at the venue pretty consistently. And that means that they know how to work the venue in the best way to get the best photos, video, etc. With an unpreferred vendor, they don’t know the venue as well and they may miss the hidden gems that preferred vendors might know about!

4. Vendors work with vendors all the time. It’s like the motto “teamwork makes the dream work”! When all the vendors are on the same page, know each others’ work and rhythm the day goes perfectly! 

Now, I completely understand if your heart is set on having so-and-so as your photographer, and whats-their-faces as your baker. And it’s your wedding day, so go for it! Just make sure to ask around about them before booking them. It’s very important to research before booking. 

So, brides, now that you know more about a Preferred Vendor list, I hope your planning becomes just a tad bit easier. I know it can be stressful, but I hope this little tidbit of advice allows you to take a breath. 

Happy planning!