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August 26, 2016 / Kristen Lloyd

Rain, Rain, Rain: Having a Plan B

The terrace club

As I sit here writing this, it is pouring outside. I love the rain. Society almost seems to stop and take a sigh of relief when rain starts to fall. The world moves just a little slower.

But, it’s not always the best thing on a wedding day.

Most brides’ biggest fear is having a torrential downpour on top of their wedding. Especially if the ceremony and/or reception is outside! All this planning and care is put into this day, and a simple rain cloud can send panic through everyone. There are ways to prepare in advance in case rain threatens to join you. 

First things first, check the Farmer’s Almanac months prior to your wedding. Somehow, someway, the Farmer’s Almanac is always correct. Trust it. If it says it’s gonna rain, it is gonna rain. Take a look here!

Then, when looking for a venue, try to figure out who has great, natural Plan B options. Here at The Terrace Club, we have a second ballroom that we flip to create an indoor ceremony space. Take a look at it below! Other places have different options, and some venues don’t have any back up space, which causes all the prep to be on you. 



If your venue doesn’t have a built in rain plan, have a plan ready to go. You have to love your rain plan just as much as your great weather plan! So whether that be a tent or a small indoor room with everyone surrounding you, you need to love everything about it. Sometimes, changing it up last minute can cause all the stress and the need for perfection to disappear! (Be a little spontaneous!!)



If a tent isn’t in the budget or a back up indoor space isn’t available, grab some umbrellas for the guests to use! Still have the ceremony outside, but everyone hold an umbrella to keep dry. It makes the ceremony fun and intimate. 





To add a little fun to your pictures (and to keep your feet dry) use rain boots! Maybe you’ve got to give up the shoes you bought especially for your dress, but, again, live a little! You only get to enjoy this day once, so don’t let a little falling water ruin your outlook on the day. Have fun! Enjoy every little moment!! 



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