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August 26, 2016 / Kristen Lloyd

So You’re Engaged… Now what?

The terrace club

So you’re engaged! You keep looking at that sparkly, beautiful ring on your finger and get all the squeals and butterflies. All of your friends and family have gathered around you to celebrate this new step for you and your FIANCÉ! (Ekk!) You continue to look at your fiancé and you just cant believe that you’re engaged.

And then reality hits.

And you realize that you have to plan a party. A pretty important party, too. Then the stress begins, you don’t know where to start, but hard decisions are already being thrown your way and you don’t even know what you want yet!! 

Don’t freak out.

We are here to help!! That’s what us wedding planners are here for! 

We have come up with a helpful list of inspiration to, hopefully, guide you to your own personal style for your wedding day. This is for you to pinpoint what you like best for your wedding, and then to move forward confident in what you are looking for! 

Just relax, take a look below, and enjoy!


Sleek, clean lines, and chic. A modern wedding is all about wowing people with the small details. White is the perfect color (or lack thereof) to create a blank slate for all your details. Minimalism is the direction to go with your ceremony, centerpieces, and other decor. For your color palette, think whites, grays, and greens. 


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Garden Romance

Flowers. Flowers EVERYWHERE. Please, and thank you. 

If flowers is what makes romance flourish, then you are definitely a bohemian bride. You picture flowers on every table, lush and large bouquets in the hands of your bridesmaids (and of course, yours is even bigger), and greenery around every corner. The outdoors is the best place for your ceremony because you want to be as close to the trees and the natural beauty as possible. Your dream will come alive through pastels, peonies, garden roses, and silver dollar eucalytus. For your color palette, you can’t go wrong with a series of blushes and other pastels.



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Simple elegance, timeless, and understated.

If your style icons are Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, then classic is right down your alley. You dream about a classic lace gown finished with a pearl necklace, and your handsome man in a tuxedo. You can perfectly picture your elegant and traditional white tiered cake and the Bentley get-a-way car that carries you off in to happily ever after. You are a classic bride! For your color palette, go for the neutrals with small hints of green.  Simplicity will never go out of style!


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There’s something so comforting about the handmade details of a rustic wedding. It brings about the feeling of home, close friends and family, and good times. Combining elegancy with unexpected handmade details creates the perfect rustic evening. Utilize homemade goods such as pies, or cookies, with chandeliers, mixed with unfinished wood, and old fashioned china. Tie it all up with lush florals accented with jute. For your color palette, think of neutrals that are paired with soft pinks, blues, and greens. 


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When you think of your wedding, you want the grandest party. You want the fairytale, with the big dress and all! You dream of everything dripping in crystals, perfectly gardened flowers, and gold. The bigger the drama, the better. And, of course, your hubby is dashing in a perfectly tailored tux. For your color palette, think ivory, golds, pinks, and other pastels. 


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If you’ve always been dreaming of walking through an open field with a flower crown on top of your loose, wind-blown curls on your wedding day, then the bohemian style is just for you. Wild bunches of flowers that hang loosely, mix matched furniture, and rugs create a relaxed atmosphere at your wedding. For your color palette, think of bright and boisterous colors that call for attention. 


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