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November 29, 2018 / Kristen Lloyd

Tips for Buying Your Perfect Wedding & Engagement Ring

wedding ring, engagement ring, Dripping Springs weddingThe excitement of a wedding proposal can be met with anxiety surrounding which engagement ring to pick.

Will it be the right one?

Will they like it?

Which style do I choose?

All of these questions can bring some uncertainty when shopping for the perfect ring to pop the big question. Then on top of it all, choosing the wedding band to match is another step that comes with indecision and endless choices.

Below, we have compiled a few tips to help make this exciting milestone for you and your soulmate a little less challenging, and help narrow down those infinite choices.

engagement ring, wedding ring, Dripping Springs wedding

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring/Wedding Ring

Budget Your Money & Time

Having an idea of how much you want to spend on your engagement and wedding rings can help to limit your options, as well as financial stress. Make a list of major expenses for the wedding and prioritize essential costs. Once you’ve determined your desired price range, talk with your partner about how to divide the costs for each ring, and set aside an amount that you are both comfortable spending.

Most couples opt to spend about 2% of their budget, to give themselves a number to stick by that won’t lead to strain on their wallets.

Most couples opt to spent 2% of their budget on rings.

wedding ring, engagement ring, Dripping Springs weddingMaking sure you have plenty of time to find the perfect ring and wedding bands to match is also crucial. Planning for a wedding can make time seem like a blur, so budget your time wisely and months in advance.

Once you set a date for your wedding, sit down with your partner and flush out a schedule that accounts for the unexpected, and add a few days to dedicate to ring shopping. Prepare ahead of time before hitting the stores, to save time when shopping and have a general idea of where to start.

Creating a vision board with some ring inspiration is an easy way to get the process started, and can be a fun bonding experience for you and your fiance to share together in the midst of the hectic planning process. 

engagement ring, wedding ring, Dripping Springs wedding

Keep an Open Mind

Keeping an open mind when buying rings may open you and your partner to new designs you might not of originally chosen for yourself.

Communicate with the jeweler what your ideal ring would look like and allow them to pull some options for you to choose from, or come prepared with some ideas and inspiration they can reference. Then review their suggestions with your partner to find which one may work best for you.

Their expertise can take some much needed pressure off of you, and make the buying process run a little smoother and prevent the experience from becoming overwhelming.

Click here for some examples of important questions you can ask your jeweler when it comes time to purchasing your ring as well.

Don’t be afraid to have different wedding bands.

wedding ring, engagement ring, Dripping Springs weddingKeep an open mind when it comes to your partner’s choices as well. If your partner likes a different style, metal, or color than you do, don’t be afraid to have differing wedding bands.

Having separate rings allows you to express your own unique styles, and even help to tailor your rings to your differing lifestyles. Or, be even more unique and try incorporating a touch of both metals into your rings with an infinity design or inlaid banded style, so they incorporate both of your unique styles into one.

The options are endless, but having an open mind can help to decide the perfect option that really resembles the love you share for one another.

wedding ring, engagement ring, Dripping Springs wedding

Mix & Match

Try mixing and matching your wedding band with your engagement ring as well. Some prefer a more uniform look, while others like to have balance when pairing their rings. If your engagement ring is more on the shiny side with diamond accents and bold color, consider a more plain ring, and vice versa.

Online jewelers like Blue Nile have an extensive collection of unique and stylish wedding rings you can browse to find the perfect pairing for your engagement ring. Mixing styles is a unique way to show your personal style and make the rings unique to you, so don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and try different combinations!

wedding ring, engagement ring, Dripping Springs weddingThinking long-term can also help narrow down your choice, so when considering your options, think about what kind of ring you may want 10 years from now, 20 years from now, and so on.

Consider choosing a design that can have added customizations for future anniversaries, or minor changes, like more diamond inlays or carat size adjustment.

This way, you can keep your original ring, but have it change with you and the different chapters of your life with your significant other.

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wedding ring, engagement ring, Dripping Springs wedding

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