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November 14, 2018 / Kristen Lloyd

Top 10 Hill Country Wedding Day To-Dos

Congratulations! Your magical day is almost here! You have everything planned! The flowers, the DJ, what you’ll wear. But as your dream day gets closer, you can’t help but wonder, “Should I be doing anything else on my Hill Country wedding day? What else can I do make it the most it can be?”

If you want to make your wedding day the best it can be, read on to see the top 10 Hill Country wedding day to-dos.

Hill Country wedding, The Terrace Club

1. Have a PlanHill Country wedding, The Terrace Club

This seems silly, right?

“I already have a plan! Planning is all I’ve been doing for the last several months!”

While a lot of people plan the actual event, some might forget about the hours that lead up to it. So make sure you map everything out. When you should get up, what time you absolutely need to get ready, and everything else you need to do to make your day special.

2. Unplug From Social MediaHill Country wedding, The Terrace Club

We’re not saying you should totally unplug. Nothing is stopping you from making a fast “I’m getting hitched today!” Instagram post. But after that, put your phone down. Your wedding day is going to go by fast and you don’t want to spend it looking down on a small screen. Enjoy the day. Take it all in. The smell of your coffee, the bright blue sky outside, everything. 

And if you’re worried about missing something, don’t be. That’s why you hired a professional photographer. They’re there to document your special day so you can remember it for years to come.

Hill Country wedding, The Terrace Club3. Don’t Let Others Upset You

Your day is stressful enough as it is, so if a relative or guest is making a fuss, don’t let them ruin your mood. This you and your partner’s day, not theirs! Whatever they say won’t make your day any less special. So ignore them and focus on the fact that you’re getting married!

4. Take Time to Remember

As you go through your wedding day, take time to really remember everything: the way your partner’s hair was, the joy you felt as you walked down the aisle, how they twirled you during your first dance. The day goes by so quickly, but the moments are forever. So drink them in like your wedding wine. 

Hill Country wedding, The Terrace Club

5. Think About Your PartnerHill Country wedding, The Terrace Club

While you’ll no doubt have a zillion pictures from your friends and photographer, nothing beats the real deal. So take a minute to appreciate that. Really cherish what they looked like when you first saw them, their smile as you walked down the aisle, and how you felt their heart fluttering against your ear as you danced. It’s going to be wonderful!

Hill Country wedding, The Terrace Club6. Eat Breakfast

Make sure to eat when you wake up. It doesn’t have to be a large breakfast, but make sure to at least eat something. You’re going to be rushing around and you’d hate to do that on an empty stomach. So eat a little something to get your day started. 

7. Be Flexible

We know you have a great day planned. It’s going to be amazing! But if something doesn’t go quite right, don’t worry. Just go with the flow. There is so much going on that day that you might not even remember it. 

8. Consider a First LookHill Country wedding, The Terrace Club

What is a first look exactly? It’s where you and your partner see each other before the wedding. There are a lot of couples who still prefer to adhere to tradition and wait until their walk down aisle to see each other.  But for those who like the idea of switching things up, and maximizing their time, seeing each other before the ceremony is a great option. Not only do you get the chance to knock out some of your wedding photos, but you also get a chance to be alone for a few minutes and enjoy their company without distractions!!

Think about it. You and your partner are about to get to married. Before the big day you’re running around, talking to family, and doing so many other things you hardly get to see your each other. In a first look, you can have a few moments alone before the big moment. A few moments of just you and them thinking about your day. 

Hilly Country weddings.

9. Steal a Moment AloneHill Country wedding

Even if you didn’t decide to have a first look, we still recommend some time alone. Your day is going to be packed with meeting people. There’s the meet and greets, table-side chats, and everyone vying for your attention. You need to carve out a little time for just the two of you. You’ll be so happy you did. 

10. Take a Moment to RelaxHill Country wedding, The Terrace Club

Once, many moons ago, a hairdresser was going over to a client’s house. She had a whole bridal party to style before the wedding. When she arrived, however, the father said, “I know you have to get my baby girl ready, but can I take one last jog with her?

The wedding was still not for hours, so the hairdresser said okay. 

She started on the bridesmaids as the father and daughter jogged. When they came back the father said, “I know you have to get my baby girl ready but I want to take her out for breakfast. Just a quick bite.”

The hairdresser nodded and continued styling the bridesmaids. 

When they came back the father said, “I know you have to get my baby girl ready but I want to take her on one last walk.”

By then all the bridesmaids were styled. If the bride didn’t get ready soon she’d make everyone late. With a calm smile, the hairdresser said, “I know you love your daughter. From what she told me you’re a pretty great guy who’d give her the moon if she asked. But you have three other daughters. At the second wedding, you’ll be so tired from all this that you won’t want to do it all again. And trust me on this, if you don’t do the same thing with your ALL your daughters, they’ll be upset. Can you take making your daughters upset?” 

The father paused. After a moment he said, “You know, you’re right, thank you.”

All his anxieties melted away. Later, as the family was rushing out the door, the mother pulled the hairdresser aside and said, “I don’t know what you said to my husband, but he’s a different man. Thank you!”

Your day is going to be amazing. We know it is because you planned it! But it’s important you give yourself time to relax. So after you’ve checked your bedside list, take a little time for yourself. You could meditate, relax in a bubble bath, or have one last walk with your parents. Whatever you decide, it should be something that eases your mind for your memorable day!

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