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December 24, 2018 / Kristen Lloyd

Wedding Questions You Didn’t Know You Needed Answered

Between fittings, tastings, and everything else for the wedding – you’ve got plenty on your plate.

You’ve spent hours and hours planning your perfect wedding. Then traveled miles, visiting and touring, to find that perfect wedding venue. And then after many hours of planning and research you decide to put together a beautiful day for a Dripping Springs wedding.

With so much to think about, it’s easy to overlook certain details and forget to ask certain questions. Well, we’re here to help you manage the wedding stress.

Here are a few questions that couples often forget to ask.

Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue 


Where should you wear your engagement ring?

A long time ago, people would wear their engagement ring on their right hand since the wedding band is usually worn on the left hand. These days, everyone chooses to wear both rings on their left hand.  It has even become common to have multiple weddings bands, stacking them on either side of the engagement ring.  More traditional couples will wear their wedding band closest to the heart and the engagement ring below it. You can do whichever you are most comfortable with.

Which side of the altar should you stand?

You are free to stand on either the right or left side of the altar. Although traditionally the bride stands on the left and the groom stands on the right, certain religions actually require the opposite, so it is best to ask the person officiating the ceremony if there is anything you need to be aware of.  And traditionally the guests would normally sit on the side of the person they know best or are related to, but as of late it is more common to have your immediately family sit on your side, but extended family and mutual friends sit on the side with fewer people.

Who’s supposed to lift the veil?

You can have the person who walks you down the aisle lift the veil when they give you away. Alternatively, you can have your partner lift the veil just before the first kiss after you exchange your vows.  Or, you can forego wearing the veil over your face altogether and just have it drape behind you.


What is their philosophy of photography?Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue

While the portfolio of a photographer tells you a lot about their style, it does not provide any insight to their philosophy of photography. We recommend asking them about their approach to photography.

  • What’s their take on spontaneous and candid clicks?
  • Do they prefer directing and staging poses?

This allows you to understand their approach and make sure it matches what you have in mind. 

How many hours does the package cover and what is the overtime charge?

Always go with a photographer you trust and are comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and communicate what you want. Discuss the details on the package. Plan their hours to allow you maximum coverage of the ceremony and celebrations without breaking the budget.

Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venueHow will the photographer and videographer coordinate?

It’s vital to have a photographer and videographer that will work together as a team. If you hire a videographer first, ask them for recommended photographers they have a good rapport with. Or hire someone who can provide both services which may even get you a discount.

Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue


Does the venue allow pets?Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue

At The Terrace Club, we understand that pets are very much a part of your family. We’d love to help you include your pets so they can be a part of your special day. In fact, we’ve hosted many weddings where couples brought along their fur babies. But not every venue is that open to pets being on property, so make sure to ask your venue about their pet policies. 

Is the venue accessible?

Inclusion and comfort for each and every one of your guests is paramount. Before you sign a contract with a venue, make sure the venue is safe and accessible for all guests, regardless of how well they get around.  Don’t forget to ask about accessible parking, bathrooms stalls, and elevator access if the venue is multiple stories. 


How should we greet our guests?

Having to stand up and greet your guests one-by-one can feel awkward and take a ton of time out of what will already be a packed timeline. Instead, walkDripping Springs wedding, wedding venue around and stop by each table to greet your guests during dinner. Make your guests feel special by leaving them a personalized note with the wedding favors. Alternatively, send out handwritten thank you notes with a picture from the wedding after your honeymoon.

How to ask your guests to put away their phones during the ceremony?

Imagine it’s time for your first kiss and your photographer is in perfect position to capture the moment. Then one of your guests runs down the aisle with their phone in the hand to take a photo. Not only could the photographer lose their shot, but theres also a good chance you’ll be stuck with blurry images. Leave a message at the entrance informing your guests that you desire an “Unplugged Ceremony”. Also communicate that all the wedding photos will be available to your guests after the wedding should you decide to share them.


Do you need any permits or insurance for your wedding?

Insurance is the most overlooked investment in wedding planning. Ask your venue about their venue liability and what it covers.  You should also reach out to your homeowners insurance agent to ask about adding on an extra policy for the wedding. Almost every major insurance carrier now has some sort of “wedding insurance”.  Most policies are not expensive and will cover a wide variety of things. 

Also ask whether you need any permits to use a specific space or for a particular activity you have planned. If you have a wedding planner, make sure they have copies of all of your permits and insurance policies. 

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Dripping Springs wedding, wedding venue

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