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November 8, 2018 / Kristen Lloyd

What to Do if it Rains on Your Wedding Day

Your Dripping Springs wedding has been set at a beautiful venue. The flowers are ordered, the food will be catered, and everything is prepared. And then you look at the weather forecast: rain – all week long. It’s going to rain on your wedding day!

Don’t worry – you don’t have to let the rain ruin your special day. Read on below to learn how you can make your rainy weather wedding perfect.

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Wedding-day rain doesn’t have to be a disaster. While we can’t control the weather for you, we can help you make your day amazing with these tips.

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Rainy Wedding Day Tip 1: Plan Ahead for Bad Weather – Have a Backup Plan

Even if there’s only a 1% chance it’s going to rain on your wedding day, it’s better to plan for it just in case.

If any part of your wedding is supposed to occur outside, make sure you love your backup space – just in case. Talk to your Dripping Springs wedding venue and see if they have enough space to move your ceremony and photos inside, or if they can accommodate last-minute changes due to weather.

For indoor photography, talk to your photographer and wedding planner about finding an indoor space with nice lighting, or some pretty floor-to-ceiling windows. Even with the rain in the background, this could make for some gorgeous shots. And if you’re willing to brave the weather, rain can look so romantic in wedding photos, like this one to the left.

Rainy Wedding Day Tip 2: Grab some pretty umbrellas.

Have umbrellas on hand for you, your partner, and your wedding party if any part of your wedding is going to be held outside.

For the photos, order some beautiful umbrellas to hold during the photos so you’re protected from the rain but still look beautiful.

And they don’t have to be plain, clear umbrellas. You could get them monogrammed, choose some with a touch of lace, or a beautiful design. The sky is the limit – just make sure you have enough for everyone!

dripping springs wedding venue, dripping springs wedding, wedding venue

Source: The Knot

Rainy Wedding Day Tip 3: Offer Guests Weather-Appropriate Favors

Umbrellas don’t have to just be practical.  Things about ordering some umbrellas for your guests to keep as favors…not only will it keep them dry and comfortable on your wedding day, but they can take them home as a reminder of how amazing your big day was!

Just set out a little basket of umbrellas with a note for your guests when they arrive. Rain or shine, they’ll be able to enjoy your wedding, as well as many days after, with protection from the elements.

And if you aren’t planning to get married outside if it rains, consider getting your wedding party some  monogramed rain boots for your to brave the rain in style.

Rainy Wedding Day Tip 4: Make a Rainy Wedding Day Memory

Don’t pretend it didn’t rain – sometimes drawing attention to it is the perfect way to deal with rain.

Instead of feeling disappointed by the weather, make it part of why your wedding was special. Bring a beautiful container or mason jar to collect some raindrops in on your special day. On the outside of the jar, write a little poem or note, commemorating the day and the rain. For example:

Rain, rain fell today on your precious wedding day.

Keep these drops for use in life

Water your first tree as partners for life,

Or sprinkle on your baby’s head

Rain’s a blessing now that you’re wed!

The examples below show just how romantic these “wedding raindrop jars” can be.

Rainy Wedding Day Tip 5: Keep Your Cool

You simply can’t control every aspect of your wedding, and that’s okay. In every wedding there is at least one thing that doesn’t go according to plan.

Accept that things can change and roll with it. It’s still your special day, no matter the weather. Stay in the moment and enjoy your wedding day instead of dwelling on any hiccups.

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